Why is it so hard to decide what to watch now? What can you do about it?

Sometimes it’s hard to choose a movie, because of personal indecision or because you can’t agree with others. Suggestions may vary and the atmosphere may be heated unnecessarily for no reason. Not to mention that you can easily find solutions to avoid this problem.

So why is it so hard to choose? Why is it so challenging to make a choice and press play? Let’s take a look at why the struggle is real and list possible ways to solve that problem.

Why is choosing a movie a struggle?

When you’re alone and trying to figure out what to look at, it usually boils down to indecision. It is difficult to answer the few simple questions that precede making a choice and sticking to it.

For example, what do I feel like watching? Do I want to see a movie or a show? Which genre do I feel like choosing? Do I have the time to find a TV show to binge watch, or do I want something short and sweet? Am I streaming a newly released movie or am I surrendering to comfort and re-watching something else?

These are all simple questions. But most times, when you look at the screen, you draw a blank. That’s because too much choice can be overwhelming. Even settling for a platform can be difficult if you’re subscribing to multiple streaming services at once.

Another possible reason for a struggle when choosing a position is company. If you’re not alone, it adds opinions to the mix. Another person adds another voice throwing feature name to the selection; the more people around you, the bigger the options list and the more overwhelming the decision becomes.

Choice can be a gift, but it can also be a hindrance.

Decide what to watch next

So here’s the problem: the choice is overwhelming. But what can you do about it? Well, it’s actually quite simple: leave it to chance.

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1. Let a website choose you

There are so many sites online for the sole purpose of helping you choose between different options. These decision-making platforms either provide you with a pre-made selection as soon as you visit them, or you can spin a wheel and make a choice by chance. Let’s go through a few.


InstantWatcher focuses on two streaming services: Netflix US and Amazon Prime Video. If you go on the site you will find a Random Tab which will take you to a page with any movie you can watch. And there you have it – no decisions needed.

Random Movie Generator

As the name implies, Random Movie Generator offers you a random title to see. The site doesn’t adhere to any specific streaming services, but offers more of a movie title it deems “good” for your viewing pleasure. When you visit the site, you’ll find a Choose a Movie button, which, once clicked, provides a title and release year, plus a Metacritic score.

Netflix Movie Roulette

Netflix Movie Roulette is exactly what you imagine it to be: a roulette full of Netflix movies. You run it, and once it lands on a title, you can watch it, no fuss, no fuss.

Titles have already been added to the roulette, but if you find that they are missing, you can edit them online to add new ones. Or you can download the free app from Google Play or the App Store and do it through your phone.

Movies for a date night

Date Night Movies is a great choice if you’re stuck between two movie titles. Whether it’s date night or not, sometimes you just can’t choose. If so, add the two titles you’re considering in their respective bubbles on the platform, and once you do, you’ll see a host of other options to match the vibe of your first titles.

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It may seem like you’re inundated with even more choices, but it’s a great compromise between two features. And to make it easier to select which result to watch, you can settle for a number from one to twenty, count down the line, and wherever you land, that’s your choice.

And if you really want to leave it to chance, you can click the Random Combination button – it will select two titles to pin randomly.

2. Let Netflix Surprise Me

Netflix continues to be the streaming service with the most subscribers, and if you’re one of them, you can let it pick it for you.

Netflix has a Play Something feature, also known as Surprise Me. This feature shuffles the titles in the library and randomly selects one to play for you. Do not worry; it’s not a completely out-of-the-blue title. The Netflix algorithm does its job, taking into account what you like, then selecting titles that it knows will fit your viewing history.

If you don’t like the first title he plays or have already seen it elsewhere, you can skip until you settle for a title you do like. Or, to take the decision-making away altogether, you can pick a number between one and ten, and once you press it, you let the feature play, no matter what it is.

Choose a social media platform – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Reddit – which is the most used or has the most followers. Then open it, type a message asking for a movie recommendation, and see what comes up in the comments.

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You can choose to see what the first comment says or which title the one with the most likes has. However, make sure you know which type of recommendation will win before you even make the post. That way it’s really left to chance.

4. Let someone choose close (without knowing it)

You can go to a group chat with family and friends or send a private message to someone in particular to ask for a movie recommendation. However, caution is advised in taking that approach.

After all, most people who care about you tend to always mess with you for a laugh. Especially if they know you’ve decided to follow their suggestion, no questions will be asked. So be wary of how you boast of the subject. Unless you’re okay with watching Cats of Sharknado 5.

Take advantage of all available resources

Having access to multiple streaming services at once and their extensive libraries presents unique challenges. And while it’s hard to choose your next watch, it’s a big deal to have, but it’s not something you should have at all.

There are countless websites that will help you choose one for you. Streaming services improve their algorithms to make the best recommendations. Features like Surprise Me on Netflix will become more and more common. Don’t waste time browsing titles, contact all available apps and sites and reduce your decision-making time. Picking out your next watch can be super easy.

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