What can you do with Photoshop on an iPhone?

Adobe Photoshop is the favorite photo editing platform of many photographers. But did you know that in addition to the app for your computer, you can also use a version of the app on your iPhone?

Photoshop Express is available on the App Store and is free to download and use. Until mid-2021, you could also download two other Photoshop-related apps, but these tools are now integrated into one interface.

With Adobe removing two of its Photoshop apps, it’s a little tricky to know what you can and can’t do with the platform. So, what exactly can you do with Photoshop on an iPhone? Can you still use Photoshop Fix and Photoshop Mix somehow? Let’s find out.

What Photoshop Apps Can You Get on an iPhone?

At the time of writing in September 2022, there is one official Photoshop app available for iPhone devices: Adobe Photoshop Express.

Photoshop Express gives you many of the features found in the desktop app in a user-friendly interface. If you’ve used Lightroom before, you’ll find that Photoshop Express shares several similarities—perhaps even more than Photoshop for computers. Here’s an in-depth comparison of Lightroom and Photoshop Express.

You can download Adobe Photoshop Express for free. All you need to do is sign up for an Adobe account; Please note that you do not need a paid Creative Cloud subscription to use the service.

to download: Adobe Photoshop Express for iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

Are Photoshop Mix and Photoshop Fix still available?

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On June 21, 2021, Adobe removed Photoshop Mix and Photoshop Fix from the App Store. The two apps worked in tandem with Photoshop Express, which previously focused on editing-specific features.

Photoshop Fix allowed you to retouch images as you saw fit. For example, the app gave you the option to lighten and darken certain parts of your photo. In addition, you can fix imperfections and remove other unwanted objects in your photo.

Meanwhile, Adobe designed Photoshop Mix mainly for composing images and other visuals. In the app you can add text to your photos and combine photos. In addition, you had the option to make several simple adjustments.

While you can no longer download Photoshop Mix or Photoshop Fix from the App Store, you can still use both apps if they were already downloaded to your iPhone. However, you won’t receive updates for either – and that doesn’t include bug fixes if they happen. And since you can access most tools from either tool in Photoshop Express, using Mix or Fix makes little sense from a logistical standpoint.

Things you can do with Photoshop on an iPhone

Photoshop Express should be your go-to if you want a robust photo editing app. You can easily adjust your images using various advanced features, and it does a better job than almost any other iPhone editor. Below is an overview of the main tools you can get with Adobe’s offerings:

  • Basic Editing: Crop, straighten and rotate images.
  • Light: Adjust exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, whites and blacks in your photos. Includes contrast, exposure and one-click auto white balance.
  • Colour: Adjust temperature, hue, vibrancy and saturation.
  • Effects: Adjust brightness, blur images and more.
  • Details: Sharpen your images. Adobe Creative Cloud users can also reduce luminance and color noise.
  • Corrections: Fix red eyes and pet eyes. You can also use custom eyes if you want to change something in your image.
  • Add text: Adobe offers several options for adding text in Photoshop Express. You can add whatever you want with a number of styles available.
  • Lists: Choose from a variety of frames, borders, and vignettes to add to your photos.
  • Stain Removal: Easy stain removal.
  • Filters: Choose from multiple photo filters to quickly edit your photos, including filters for portrait and nature photography, among other things.
  • File formats: Support for Raw and TIFF files.
  • collage: Automatically create collages with your edited photos in grids and shapes. Choose from preset social media-friendly aspect ratios. Add stickers, borders and backgrounds to your images.
  • Share via social media: Instant one-click sharing from Photoshop Express to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms
  • Watermarks: Add watermarks to your images to make it easy for others to recognize.
  • Creative Cloud integration: Save your images to your Creative Cloud account.
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Okay, so you can’t use Photoshop Mix or Photoshop Fix anymore if you haven’t already downloaded either app on your iPhone. But with Photoshop Express, you have it all in one interface. Editing your photos takes little time and you can easily export your creations to your camera roll or specific apps.

If you want to edit photos on the go, Photoshop Express may be your best option. The learning curve is relatively small and you will find several features for simple touch-ups or more in-depth edits.

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