Using the Apple Watch Ultra Siren to ask for help

Learn about the 86-decibel siren emitted by Apple’s rugged watch.

The Apple Watch Ultra offers a number of exclusive features that cannot be found on any other model of the wearable device.

We’ll explain how to use the siren on Apple Watch Ultra to call for help when you need it.

What is the Apple Watch Ultra Siren?

When you activate the Apple Watch Ultra Siren, the speaker begins to play a continuous 86-decibel siren that repeats at regular intervals. Apple says it can be heard up to 200 meters away.

The siren tone uses two different patterns that alternate and repeat. It will continue to sound until you disable the feature or the Apple Watch Ultra runs out of battery.

On the Siren screen you can see the current time and the current battery level. There is also a button to stop the siren and a slider to quickly call emergency services.

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Turn on the Apple Watch siren

There are several ways to activate the Apple Watch Ultra siren.

First, press and hold the orange action button until the siren slider appears. Turn it on by swiping to the right. After a short countdown, the siren will start.

You can even just long press the action button to start the countdown and then hold the button until the siren starts. If you are concerned that the siren may go off accidentally in this way, you can disable it by going to Settings > Action button on your Apple Watch. Switch off Press and hold to turn on.

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You can do the same by holding down the side button. Be sure to see everything the Digital Crown and side button on all Apple Watch models can do.

You can also just open the Siren app on your Apple Watch Ultra. For a completely hands-free option, just say “Hey Siri, open the Siren app.”

Another quick way to stop the siren is to rest your palm on the screen for at least 3 seconds.

Use the Apple Watch Ultra Siren if you need help

While it’s something you hope you’ll never need, the Apple Watch Ultra Siren can easily tell anyone nearby that you need help.

The siren tone is clearly loud and distinctive.

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