Use the Puffin browser to play Flash content on your iPhone and iPad

Puffin used to be one of the most reliable browsers to play Flash content on iOS devices, but how are things today? Let’s see.

If you are new to using an iPhone, you may not know that there is no standard Adobe Flash support on iOS devices. For years, iOS users relied on Puffin and other alternatives to access Flash content.

However, if you fast forward to the present, Adobe Flash has reached end-of-life status without major browser support. Even Puffin no longer supports it in iOS.

Puffin no longer works on iOS

The Puffin iOS app used to be a reliable and accessible way to use Flash on your iPhone or iPad. Unfortunately, Puffin no longer works to view or play Flash media, but you can still use it as a web browser.

According to several users talking about Puffin no longer working for iOS on the Apple Forumsyour device will stop working with Puffin if it is running anything later than iOS 12.

While we couldn’t get an official statement about this, a blog post on Navera South Korean search engine, has screenshots of the official Puffin website with a statement about the app’s discontinuation.

So if you’re still looking for good Flash games like Farmville on your iPhone or iPad with the Puffin browser, you’re out of luck.

This is part of a larger, natural death of Flash. Whatever you think about it, Flash is pretty much obsolete on the web. But if you’re adamant, there are other ways you can play Adobe Flash games without Flash.

If you’re wondering what else you can do with Puffin, the answer is: nothing you can’t do elsewhere.

It is a web browser that allows you to access the desktop or mobile version of any site. It has tabs for:

  • Homepage – news and quick links to popular platforms (YouTube, Twitter, Google, etc.)
  • bookmarks
  • Browsing history
  • Downloads
  • Settings

You can open multiple tabs and display a mouse and keyboard or use the normal trackpad method.

Puffin reduces your internet usage by up to 90% by using a “proprietary compression algorithm to send web data to your device”, but this claim only applies to normal web browsing. But as you may already know, regular web browsing doesn’t use much bandwidth in the first place.

Having this effect when streaming videos would be more beneficial. Puffin has some basic features and still functions as a web browser, but these days you will find plenty of apps that perform better and are regularly updated by developers.

Ditch puffin for a much better browser

Puffin joins the list of discontinued apps. Unfortunately, you can no longer play Flash games on iOS devices. It is best to use a laptop or desktop.

And if you’re looking for a comprehensive mobile browser app, trust us when we say there are plenty of options to choose from: they all offer more features and outperform Puffer.

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