Twitter’s first edited tweet is now live

After announcing the rollout of an edit button, Twitter has officially posted its first edited tweet.

Twitter has officially posted its first edited tweet, taking a substantial step towards making it the most requested feature on the social media platform. While the edit button test will be limited to certain users, everyone will be able to see edited tweets.

Twitter’s first edited tweet sets another milestone

So when and where did this highly anticipated tweet appear? The official Twitter Blue account tweeted the edited post on September 29, 2022.

Twitter initially announced at the beginning of the month that it was testing an edit button. The announcement on the Twitter blog including a preview of what edited tweets would look like.

But Twitter Blue’s message is the first live preview of the feature that allows users to interact. How is it different from other tweets? Users should be able to see a pen icon and Last edited tag on the post. Clicking this label will take users to the tweet’s edit history.

The edit history of this particular post shows that the original tweet reads, “Hello. This is a test to check if the edit button is working.” In the edited post, Twitter Blue added at the end of the tweet, “We’ll let you know how it goes”. The history also shows how many likes, retweets and comments the first version received versus how many the edited version received.

So why was the Twitter Blue account the first to post an edited tweet? Twitter has emphasized that it will slowly roll out this feature to limited users to see how people use (and potentially abuse) it. But Twitter Blue subscribers will be the first users to receive the feature outside the restricted test group.

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The Edit button brings several changes to Twitter. Hopefully the overall effect will be positive, as many users simply want to correct typos or add clarity to their posts.

Twitter edits are officially here

A new era of Twitter functionality has arrived as the platform’s most requested feature makes its debut. But it remains to be seen how users will use this feature and how soon the edit button will be rolled out to a larger user base.

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