Transfer data from your Android smartphone to an iPhone 14

After Apple’s Far Out event, the iPhone 14 lineup was officially announced. Since many people are excited about the latest iPhone 14, the question arises as to how Android users can transfer the data from their existing smartphone to the iPhone 14 handset.

For iPhone to iPhone users, the process is simple as all you need to do is place your old and new iPhones side by side to start the data transfer.

However, transferring data from Android to iPhone can be a lengthy process that is a bit daunting.

Using Move to iOS

With a new iOS device and an old Android smartphone, you can transfer data to your new iPhone 14 using the Move to iOS app. Here’s how:

  • Navigate to Apps and data on your iOS device and select Moving data from Android.
  • Using your Android device, open the Move to iOS app.
  • If you have the Moving from Android screen, tap Get on.
  • Enter the 10- or 6-digit code on your Android phone that is displayed on the iPhone.
  • Select Connect on your Android device to connect to the temporary Wi-Fi network that your iOS device has created.
  • Select the content you want to move on Android, then press Get on.
  • Once the loading bar is ready, you can tap Done on your Android device and select Get on on your iOS device to complete the installation process.

As you can see, the steps to transfer data from Android to iOS are quite lengthy and can be easily confusing. Not to mention, if both phones are not connected to a power source and the Wi-Fi connection is not strong, you may have a problem with the transferring process.

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However, one of the most frustrating aspects of an Android to iOS transfer is that not all settings or apps are transferred. For example, numbers stored in your phone’s memory, call logs, ring tones, and so on. Likewise, this process only works if you’re setting up an iPhone for the first time, not an already working iPhone.

Use AnyTrans to transfer data from Android to iPhone

Whether it is too time-consuming to use the Move to iOS process, or you are experiencing issues where the data is not transferred successfully, AnyTrans can help you.

Using AnyTrans on a Mac or Windows PC is free and easy to follow:

  • launch AnyTrans on your computer and connect both your Android and iPhone via USB.

  • Select telephone dialer in the left panel and click Phone to iPhone.
  • Select your source device and target device, then click Next one Get on.

  • Click Next one to transfer Android files to iPhone.

As you can see, you use AnyTrans to transfer data from Android to iPhone is much faster and painless compared to using Move to iOS. But there are other benefits to consider rather than just being faster.

For example, AnyTrans covers most types of data on Android phones, works regardless of whether your iPhone 14 is set up or not, and supports all Android devices. You will also notice that your existing data on your iPhone 14 will not be erased, as AnyTrans can skip duplicate content automatically. Likewise, all albums on your Android phone will be kept even after they are transferred to your iPhone.

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AnyTrans is not just a one-time data migration tool. Instead, you can use it as an iPhone manager, allowing you to backup data, create custom ringtones, upgrade/manage iOS apps, and even mirror your iPhone screen to your computer.

It’s free to download and takes a matter of seconds to transfer your Android data to your new or existing iPhone.

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