Train your lower body muscles with these 9 leg training apps

Your legs are like the support for your entire body, and they need to be strong to provide a solid foundation. Plus, working your lower body can improve your posture, reduce joint pain, and improve your overall fitness. If you’re looking for an app that can help you build muscle mass in your lower body, below are the best workout apps to get you started as soon as possible.

1. Leg workouts

Many people don’t have the time to focus on leg training – at least that’s the excuse they use. Fortunately, the workouts in the Leg Workouts app are short and sweet, most lasting no more than seven minutes.

The beauty of this app is that you can customize almost everything about your workout, from the number of reps to the actual exercises. Remove or replace what you like, then tap Get started to get moving. Don’t forget to keep an eye on your total points to level up and unlock workouts.

to download: Leg workouts for iOS | android (Free, subscription available)

2. 30 Days Butt And Leg Training

Now you can get an incredible leg workout in your living room without any special gym equipment. 30 Day Butt & Leg Workout is an app suitable for all fitness levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. If this is your first time trying leg day, start at level one in the app, which offers 30 days of workouts lasting just three to seven minutes each.

Not sure if your form is correct? Don’t worry, the app provides both an animation and a video demonstration for each move. Even better, you can view your calories burned in real time as you progress through your workout!

to download: 30 Days Butt & Leg Workout android (Free, in-app purchases available)

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3. Pedometer Pedometer

Strengthening your lower body doesn’t necessarily mean doing high-intensity exercises like squats or lunges. Walking or jogging is a low-impact way to build your leg strength. Pedometer Step Counter is an app from Leap Fitness that uses your device’s sensor instead of GPS to automatically track your steps.

In addition to tracking your steps, you can also log your walking or jogging time, distance, and calories burned daily. For motivation, you can use achievements and progress through levels that add a game-like quality to the app.

to download: Pedometer Front Pedometer iOS | android (Free, subscription available)

4. Strong Legs in 30 Days

30 days is enough to build an exercise habit that strengthens your leg muscles. The Strong Legs in 30 Days app offers three different training programs at three different levels: Beginner, Advanced and ‘Power X’. Fitness professionals can go on and on with the awesome Power X program that includes leg pump exercises like skater squats and jump squats.

Otherwise, it’s best to start with the beginner program and work your way up. If you’re not sure about an exercise, visit the exercise library to see a 3D demonstration and determine which leg muscles to target.

to download: Strong legs in 30 days before iOS | android (Free, subscription available)

5. Skipping Rope Training

Skipping rope can burn serious calories, and it can also build strength and power in your legs. Improve your jumping skills with the Jump Rope Training app. This great skipping rope app for Android and iOS is perfect for those who have a regular skipping rope laying around and want to use it to their advantage. Before starting your workout, check the duration, calories, exercises, cycles and muscle groups and do a quick warm up.

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In addition, there are several intense heavy rope workouts if you want to challenge yourself and see serious results. In addition, Jump Rope Training doubles as a countdown timer app for interval training.

to download: Skipping rope training for iOS | android (Free)

6. Leg training – tighter and leaner

The Legs Workout app is easy to navigate and the basic features are covered. This is the perfect way to train your lower body, especially for beginners. There are two basic difficulty levels available in the app: beginner and advanced.

However, you also have the option to create your own custom workout plan, and building it is effortless. To get started, tap the plus , select which exercises to record and name and save the workout. There are even ready-made workouts available that can help if you suffer from specific leg conditions, such as bow legs or buckling knees.

to download: Legs workout for android (Free)

7. 30 Day Squat Challenge

You don’t always have to do a certain exercise to target a specific muscle group. For example, squats can target many muscles in the lower body, including your glutes, quads, and hamstrings. 30 Day Squat Challenge is an app that can put you in a workout routine where, with dedication and practice, you could end up doing 150 squats.

The challenge lasts 30 days and each day consists of six exercises. While the number of reps you do for other exercises remains unchanged over the 30 days, the squat reps continue to increase. Since the same workout every day can get monotonous, it’s best to incorporate other exercises into your training session.

to download: 30 day squat challenge for android (Free)

8. Walk home

As mentioned, walking can do wonders when it comes to lower body strength. Still, you may not feel comfortable exercising outside, or you may simply not have the time. This is where the Walk At Home app comes in.

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The app gives you access to a ton of home running workouts ranging in length from one mile to five miles. Any video can be downloaded, shared with others or added to your playlist. Plus, Walk At Home offers online workout classes that are perfect for seniors who struggle with mobility or just want an uncomplicated workout.

to download: Walk ahead at home iOS | android (Subscription required, free trial available)

9. Fitify Resistance Band

Compared to weights, a resistance band is a lightweight, inexpensive fitness tool that you can use to tone and define your lower body. Fitify’s Resistance Band app uses resistance bands to train your entire body, but especially to train your lower body.

The app allows you to set the duration of the workout and skip past exercises that you are not interested in. What sets this app apart is that you have the option to design your own custom resistance band workout. Unfortunately, you have to upgrade to the premium version of the app to access this feature.

to download: Resistance band for iOS | android (Free, in-app purchases available)

Use these apps to activate the muscles in your lower body

Having a strong lower body plays an important role in your daily life. From simple activities like running and walking to everyday tasks like gardening and lifting objects, a strong lower body is essential. There’s nothing better than having a good workout app handy to keep you on track. So be sure to try one or more of these apps to find out which ones work best for your lower body goals.

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