The 7 Best Spanish Learning Apps for Android and iPhone

Spanish is one of the most popular languages ​​in the world. Spanish is a primary or secondary language on every continent, so chances are you live or work with people who speak Spanish.

If you want to learn Spanish quickly, there are great apps to help you learn and master the Spanish language. Check out the best apps for learning Spanish below and see if you can start learning the Spanish language today.

The best Spanish learning apps for knowledge

Let’s start with some apps that help you build knowledge. There are three regular apps worth considering, but one of them is not available for iOS devices. So if you’re lucky enough to have an Android device, we can vouch for it.

1. Duolingo

Duolingo is perhaps the most famous foreign language learning app. Each lesson is adapted to your native language. From a Spanish speaking standpoint, it offers Spanish for English speakers, French speakers, German speakers, Russian speakers, and more.

Duolingo is excellent if you want to learn grammar. Remember that grammar is the backbone of any language; if you understand the syntax, you are well on your way to success. So if you want to learn Spanish, it’s helpful to understand grammar.

The Spanish courses cover the most common tenses and more complicated constructions and grammatical moods such as the conditional and the subjunctive. You can get started with Duolingo for free, but for $7 a month you can upgrade to Duolingo Plus, which lets you download lessons for offline use and remove the ads.

To download: Duolingo for android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

2. Memrise

There is a counter argument to spending too much time learning grammar rules. Some experts suggest it’s not that efficient; after all, we don’t spend hours studying grammar rules when we first learn languages ​​as children.

Instead, some argue that it is better to focus on expanding your vocabulary and using it in a context more similar to how children learn.

Memrise is much better than Duolingo when it comes to vocabulary. It uses a flashcard approach along with heavy repetition to drill the words into your brain. This can help you learn Spanish by also naming the basic things in your home.

Importantly, Memrise also takes regional differences into account. Just as there are subtle but significant differences between American English and British English, there are also differences between Mexican Spanish and Iberian Spanish.

Finally, Memrise offers a slew of user-created Spanish courses, meaning you’ll never run out of new material, even if you’ve completed Memrise’s official courses. We have a great Memrise discount available if you want to save money on premium.

To download: Memrise for android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

3. Spanish verb trainer

Spanish has a staggering number of verb endings. Of course, you need to know all the usual indicative tenses, but there is also a separate set of endings for their subjunctive and imperative, as well as the conditional. And let’s not talk about irregular verbs.

Spanish verb trainer uses the same flashcard approach as Memrise; however, instead of focusing on the general vocabulary, it only teaches you verb endings. Ignore the less-than-impressive visuals – this is a great learning tool.

When you learn a new romantic language, understanding verb endings can help you go from knowing verbs and vocabulary to using them correctly in conversations. This makes Spanish verb trainer one of the best Spanish learning apps you can try on your phone.

Unfortunately, this particular app is only available on Android, but it looks like Spanish Verbs Trainer on iOS (from another developer) offers a similar experience.

To download: Spanish verb trainer for android (Free)

The best Spanish learning apps for reference

There are times when you need to look up a new word, check its conjugation for a less used tense, or read grammar rules about a language. In those cases, it might be helpful to keep one of the apps below on your phone.

4. Spanish Dict

If you’ve been learning Spanish for a while, you’ve probably come across the SpanishDict website. It is one of the best resources for looking up words and grammatical information.

But did you know that the company also makes a free smartphone app? It has a dictionary, translator, tense conjugations and Word of the day.

Downloading this app can be helpful if you’ve already started with some basic Spanish learning apps and want to get more advanced or keep up with what you’ve already learned.

To download: SpanishDict for android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

5. Spanish verbs

As a native speaker of English, the most challenging aspect of learning many Western languages ​​is the verb endings. In the end, verbs can sometimes overwhelm even experienced speakers, so it’s wise to keep a verb app on your phone.

Spanish verbs offers 18 different verb forms. It is based on the work of the famous Spanish professor Fred Jehle. Learning verb forms is helpful if you want to speak Spanish correctly and sound like it’s a native language. This makes Spanish verbs one of the best apps for learning Spanish.

This app is only available on Android. If you’re using iOS, check out an alternative app called Conjuu – Spanish conjugation.

To download: Spanish verbs for android (Free)

6. Anki

Anki is a bit different from all the other apps on this list in that you have to enter your own content. At the most basic level, you can use the app to generate custom flashcards to learn and reinforce new material.

However, you will quickly realize that if you create a master list and use the tags correctly, you can create a huge database of learning materials that are useful for both reference and educational purposes.

You can also use Anki’s desktop app that syncs with your smartphone. We recommend using it to create and manage your master list; it’s less clunky than the mobile app. So if you want to learn Spanish on both your mobile device and your desktop, Anki is a great app for learning Spanish to download.

To download: Anki for android (Free) | iOS ($25)

The best Spanish learning app for immersion

It is generally accepted that the best way to learn a language is to use the immersion technique. Being immersed in a language makes you learn it faster and Spanish is no exception.

Language immersion means surrounding yourself with as much of your target language as possible throughout the day. This is much more effective than just focusing on it for an hour and then not thinking about it until the next learning session.

Understandably, smartphones have become one of the best ways to aid in language immersion.

7. BBC Mundo

BBC Mundo is part of the BBC’s foreign language output. It’s been operating (under different names) since 1938, so there’s no risk of the service disappearing anytime soon. Today, the website is central to BBC Mundo’s offerings, although it still produces a decent amount of video content.

The BBC offers a BBC Mundo smartphone app. Its design matches that of the main BBC News app, and you can also use it to watch the service’s Spanish-language video content.

Since many of the same stories are covered in the English and Spanish language apps, you can browse between the two to understand how the two languages ​​approach the same content in different ways. This can be helpful when learning Spanish.

BBC Mundo also focuses more on Latin American news, giving you the opportunity to learn culturally in addition to learning the Spanish language.

To download: BBC Mundo for android | iOS (Free)

Don’t overlook the obvious when learning Spanish

When looking for the best Spanish learning apps, it’s easy to overlook some of the most obvious tools available to you.

Spotify, for example, is packed with Spanish music and podcasts. There are millions of Spanish Twitter accounts (often your favorite sports team has a Spanish Twitter profile), and YouTube is the usual treasure trove of content.

Whatever you do, we’ve shown you the best Spanish learning apps that can help you speak like a native speaker if you just work on it.

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