How to use the Calendar app on your Apple Watch

The native Calendar app is a surprisingly powerful way to keep track of all your appointments, meetings, and more.

While many of us rely on Apple’s Calendar app, you may not know that the Apple Watch version offers many of the same features on the wearable’s smaller screen.

We’ll show you how to use the Calendar app on your Apple Watch to keep track of and even add events.

View your events on Apple Watch

When you open the app on your Apple Watch, the standard List View screen shows a list of your upcoming events. On the watch, you can view information from all of your calendars or just the calendars selected to view in your iPhone Calendar app.

For more information, read how to get started with the iPhone Calendar app.

Tap an event to see more information about it, such as its location and what calendar it was entered into.

To change the calendar view, select the bottom right of the list view. You can also choose: Next one showing an event for the week and Day which only shows what is on the agenda for today.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, but you can also view your iPhone calendar in similar views.

There are also additional options to view the calendar in Day or List view. Select the < in the top left corner in either mode to display the current week. Swipe left or right to move weeks. Tap the day to see everything scheduled for a specific date.

In the week view, select the < in the top left corner to open a month view. Choose a specific week to see the week view. You can switch months by swiping up on the screen or by turning the Digital Crown.

Add a calendar event on Apple Watch

In the same screen where you switch between Next, Day and List view, just tap + New event to add something to your calendar.

On the watch, you can enter information such as the title, location, time, date, calendar and more. When you’re done, select To add at the bottom of the screen.

Keep track of your busy life with the Apple Watch calendar

While it’s not as feature-packed as the Calendar app you’ll find on your iPhone, the Apple Watch version is a great way to quickly see what’s on your schedule.

And the ability to add an event right on the device makes it a great way to always keep your schedule up to date.

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