How to Reset Achievements for Steam Games

Unlocking achievements is fun. Re-locking them isn’t much fun, especially if the developer didn’t offer the player an option to do it in the first place.

Fortunately, Steam has a comprehensive solution for resetting achievements for individual games.

Reset Steam Achievements

There is no simple switch to reset Steam achievements. Some games offer the option to reset the player’s progress, and this may include Steam achievements.

Make sure this easier, in-game method isn’t available first.

To reset your progress for Steam achievements we need to use something called the Steam Client Console.

Enable Steam Client Console

The easiest way to open the Steam Client Console is to press Win + R to open the Windows Run Command Box.

If you can’t use this method to open the Run window, check out our guide on ways to open the Run command dialog.

Enter the following command while the Run window is open.


This will open Steam with a new tab available in the main window. The To console tab.

Here we will enter our commands to reset performance.

Achievements and Stat Commands

The command we need to use is performance_clear. It does nothing by itself. We need a few things first.

Go to SteamDBor the Steam databaseand look for the game associated with the achievement you’re resetting.

Copy the App ID listed against your game. Note this for now. Scroll down the page and click on the Performance tab.

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This will list all achievements and their API names. Choose the achievement you want to reset and write down that name.

Now you have your command. Enter the information you’ve collected like this.

achievement_clear <AppID> <Achievement Name>

Using the example in our screenshots, the code should look something like this.

You know it worked when you see the post achievement_clear success.

There is a second command that goes with the above. Input reset_all_stats followed by an AppID resets all stats Steam tracks for that game. For example, kills or time played.

A complicated process

Ideally, there would be an easier way to reset achievements for any Steam game because you never know when you’ll want to replay a game from scratch.

At least we have the option with the Steam Client Console.

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