How to Add Emoji to Your File, Folder & Drive Names on Windows 10 & 11

When was the last time you used an emoji? Chances are you used it the last time you opened a chat with a friend or colleague, or maybe you turned yourself into an emoji in a video call. Emojis have become second nature when we express ourselves in a digital space.

So why not extend the fun of emojis to your files, folders, and drives on Windows? Not only is it very possible, but we’ll show you how easy it is to do.

How To Make Windows Your Own With A Fun Emoji Flair

It’s great to customize Windows and make it your own. You can personalize various elements and features, such as setting your favorite colors for window title bars and even enhancing your desktop with cool dark themes.

However, there is one cool personalization you can do without using third-party apps: adding emojis to the names of files, folders, and drives on Windows. In addition to the visual appeal, you can choose emojis to represent a special connection to the file or folder.

So let’s see how to add emojis to files, folders and drives.

How to Add Emojis to File Names on Windows 10 and 11

The file names on your computer can be as expressive visually as you can make them with emojis.

When the “Save As” window opens, click the file name bar and press win + . (period) together. You can also press win + ; (semicolon) at the same time. This will open the Emoji panel next to the edit box.

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Now scroll through the emoji sections and select an emoji, a few, or more to name your file. You can also search for emojis by name in the file name bar and the Emoji panel will display them. Click the desired emoji in the file name or click it repeatedly to add it more than once.

You can use a combination of numbers, letters, and emojis. For example, the following shows naming a list of birthday parties. In addition to the birthday boy’s name and date of birth, we’ve added emojis with the symbolic cake, food and drinks, smileys, plus a swimsuit and a palm tree, because it’s a beach party.

When you’re done renaming your file, close the Emoji panel. Then press Enter to save the new name.

Similarly, you can name office files, project files, to-do lists, and vacation plans with emojis.

If you name files, folders, and drives with emoji, the emojis will be in their black and white version and will not be colored.

How to Give Your Windows Folder Names a Touch of Emoji

It’s just as easy to add emojis to folder names, and it’s almost the same process as naming files as you save them.

Choose the folder you want to rename as you normally would: right click on the folder name and select Show more options > rename. The folder name is highlighted in a blue bar for you to change.

Now click in the bar and press win + . (period) together to open the Emoji panel and choose the desired emoji. On Windows 11, you can search for emojis in the Emoji keyboard’s search bar.

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I named my jazz music folder with a funky emoji.

You too can name your music folder with musical instruments like saxophone, drums, trumpet, music note and singer emoji.

Create cool disk names with emojis on Windows

Why not give your Windows drives cool names and add some fun emojis too? The process is the same as for naming files and folders.

Select the station to name it. Press win + . together to open the Emoji panel and choose the emoji you want. Although you can, it is better not to experiment with and change the name of the C drive that houses the Windows operating system.

As you can see in the screenshot below, I have named my E-disk with my movies and music collection “Movies and Music” along with a projector and popcorn emoji.

You cannot associate any drive, file, or folder with an emoji in its name in a command prompt or when mapping or sharing over a network. So if you need to do this with specific files, folders or drives, don’t rename them with emojis.

You can even rename apps with Emoji

You can try this out for some of your favorite apps. I did it for the WhatsApp and Canva apps on my desktop.

I’ve added two hearts to the name Canva because it’s one of my favorites; after all, there are plenty of Canvas features that make designing new documents easy. And I added two smileys to the WhatsApp name for fun chats.

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Unfortunately, when naming apps, you can’t use more than a few emojis, as they don’t appear completely with the app name.

If you want to speed up your emoji game, you can also check out our guide on how to add emojis in Windows 11 using keyboard shortcuts.

Enjoy the fun of Emoji in work and play

Now that you know how easy it is, why not give cool names to your files, folders and drives – and add the fun of emoji to them? The Emoji panel allows you to add a little personal flair, no matter what you name it.

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