Customize the Apple Watch Ultra action button

See how to make the Apple Watch Ultra’s exclusive button work for you.

One of the exclusive features of the Apple Watch Ultra is an action button on the left side of the case.

We’ll show you how to customize and configure the action button to work for you.

Using the Apple Watch Ultra Action Button

The Action Button is one of the best reasons to buy the Apple Watch Ultra. Dressed in orange on the opposite side of the Digital Crown and the side button, it offers one-touch access to a number of different functions.

When you press the action button, it can be used with these functions: Workout, Stopwatch, Waypoint, Backtrack, Dive, Flashlight and Shortcut.

Configure the Apple Watch action button

To configure the action button, go to Settings > Action button on your Apple Watch Ultra.

Start by selecting the area below the action button banner. You can then choose from the available actions. Tap the arrow at the top left of the screen and return to the settings.

For some actions, such as Workout, there are more options to customize in the App section. For example, you can choose exactly what type of workout you want to start when the action button is pressed.

Below that, in the Gestures section, you’ll see tips on how the action button works with the settings assigned to it.

If you prefer to configure the action button on the larger screen of an iPhone, head over to the companion Watch app. Below the My watch choose tab Action button. The installation process is almost identical to the Apple Watch.

At the bottom of each use of the action button that you customize, you can enable or disable the ability to activate the Apple Watch Ultra Siren with a long press. For more information, see our introduction to the Apple Watch Ultra Siren.

Enjoy the Apple Watch Ultra action button

The action button on the Apple Watch Ultra offers new ways to communicate and use the wearable device.

Whether you want to quickly start a workout or whatever shortcut you can think of, the action button can do it.

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