Create a disposable account on Reddit

Hundreds of millions of people use Reddit every month to post and share content. Some of them choose to use their real name, a nickname or a nickname as their username.

Some who use their real name, email address or other personally identifiable information do so to harmonize their profiles across platforms. This can make them easier to find, track, and connect with.

However, it also means that they can be easily tracked and identified across different platforms. It’s a lot like sticking your name on your door frame, but it doesn’t have to be if you use a disposable account on Reddit.

What is a disposable account on Reddit?

A disposable Reddit account is a Reddit account that you can create and throw away or throw away even after a single use. It allows you to post anonymously on Reddit without a trace or digital trail leading back to you. You can use any name or nickname as a username.

Such disposable accounts exist because Reddit, like several other platforms, allows you to create multiple accounts to protect your identity. And there are also benefits.

Posting through a disposable account on Reddit gives you anonymity. This way you can post without fear or favor. For example, you can use it to sound the alarm about some illegal practices in the workplace. Second, rest assured that nothing you post can be used against you in the court of public opinion or by vengeful and powerful individuals. This encourages fearless sharing. Third, it can help you avoid trolls and cyberbullies who might want to attack you as a result of your Reddit post.

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You can also leave comments on the posts of others and express your opinion. Keep in mind, though, that a throwaway account isn’t a license to throw away Reddit’s terms of service or subreddit rules.

If you post content that violates the terms, such posts will often be removed, and there are some terms and conditions for changing your Reddit username should you choose.

How to create a disposable Reddit account

You can create a disposable Reddit account in less than a minute, and you can do it on both desktop and mobile. You can also create a disposable account whether you are logged into your main account or not.

The former requires you to open a new incognito window, use a different browser, or a different browser profile. While you can create more than one account with the same email address, the purpose of a disposable account, which is anonymity, is lost.

Without further ado, here’s how to open a disposable Reddit account on a desktop:

  1. First, create a disposable email account with your preferred email provider. Previously, you could create a disposable account without your email address.
  2. Go to reddit.
  3. Click on the Sign Up button in the top right corner of your screen.
  4. Skip the options to Continue with Google or Continue with Apple. If you use this option, Google or Apple will share your name, email address, and profile picture with Reddit. This beats anonymity.
  5. Enter your disposable email address instead and click Get on instead of.
  6. Enter a username in the space provided. For a disposable account you want to use a unique name that you have never used before or that can be traced back to you.
  7. Enter your preferred password.
  8. Click Sign Up.
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When you create a disposable account on Reddit, you must abstain from both accounts. It is seen as vote manipulation and can get you banned. Once you’re done using it, here’s how to delete a Reddit account.

Should You Create a Disposable Reddit Account?

At the end of the day, a disposable Reddit account is the same as a regular account in that you need an email address to create a disposable account. The only difference is in the intent.

If so, should you still go ahead and create a throwaway account on Reddit? The answer is yes if you want an alternative account where you can post anonymously. The biggest hassle is having to switch between accounts

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