Convert PDF files to XLSX with TinyWow

Converting files from one format to another is challenging without the right tools. However, converting a PDF file into something that Excel can open doesn’t have to be impossible. We look for the perfect website for the job.

TinyWow PDF to XLSX

The TinyWow PDF to XLSX converter makes it easier than ever to make these incompatible formats work together. You can turn any PDF into an Excel spreadsheet without having to go through the complicated steps yourself. But what are these different file types?

What is a PDF file?

PDFs are one of the most common file formats in the world. Created as a universal format for reliable and easy file sharing, PDFs are used for just about everything from instruction manuals to utility bills. PDF stands for portable document format, and this name makes sense given the ease with which PDFs can be used on different operating systems and platforms.

What is an XLSX file?

XLSX files are Microsoft Excel Open XML spreadsheets usually created by Microsoft Excel. Like any spreadsheet, XLSX files have rows and columns to store data, and this file format is almost as common as PDFs.

Convert files with TinyWow PDF to XLSX

Whichever . to convert PDF to Excel is easy when you use the TinyWow PDF to XLSX converter. This system does not convert images or retain styles from your PDF, but instead processes all the text in your PDF and applies it to the structure of a spreadsheet. Each line of your PDF will create a new row, while columns in the PDF will create new columns in the XLSX file.

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Converting your PDFs to XLSX files is a three-step process that anyone can do. Your files are stored on the TinyWow servers for an hour, allowing you to convert or redownload them without having to upload them again. But how do you convert your files in the first place?

1. Go to the TinyWow PDF to XLSX conversion page and select Upload from PC or Mobile. You can also drag your file to the white box to start the upload process.

2. Navigate through your files to find the PDF you want to convert and select the file. The conversion usually only takes a few seconds, but you may have to wait longer if your PDF is very large or complex.

3. Once the conversion is complete, select To download and choose one of the two Save to device or Save to drive. You must connect to a Google Drive account to use the Drive feature.

Convert PDFs to XLSX

To convert PDFs to Excel is much easier using TinyWow, but these aren’t the only file formats this site works with. In fact, you can convert just about any file type with this system, and you don’t have to pay a dime in the process.

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