Change user name and user profile on Windows 10

It’s very easy to change your username on Windows 10, and here’s how.

So you don’t like the username on your Windows 10 PC but don’t know how to change it. Don’t worry, we’ll show you how to define a different account name for your computer in just a few minutes.

How to Change Username in Windows

Like almost everything in Windows 10, you can change your username quite easily. You can do this through the Settings app or you can use the Run dialog to run a simple command.

Change a Windows 10 username using the Settings app

To change your account name through the Settings app:

  • Navigate to Settings > Account > Your info and click Manage my Microsoft account. This will open the Microsoft Accounts settings in the default browser.
  • Once the Microsoft Accounts website opens, sign in with your Microsoft account and press Your info.
  • Then click Edit name. In the panel that appears, enter the new First and Last namecomplete the captcha security check, and press Save.

Your account name/username has now been changed. The new username will be visible the next time you log in to your Windows 10 PC. And while we’re on the subject, did you know you can sign in to Windows 10 automatically?

Change a Windows 10 username with a Run command

To change your Windows account name using the Run dialog:

  • Press Win + Rtype “control userpasswords2” and press Enter.
  • In the User Accounts panel that appears, select the user for whom you want to make the changes under User name and click Properties.
  • Enter the new name in the First and last name field in the next panel and press Apply.

Do these steps rename the user folder?

When you choose a different username for your Microsoft account / Windows PC, you will see the change reflected on the lock screen and in the Settings app, etc. But the username folder in it Usersthe folder where Windows stores important files will still display the name you used when you first set up Windows.

That said, you can rename the “username” folder in Users, although it’s a little more complicated, and we don’t recommend it unless it’s absolutely necessary.

A new name on Windows 10

If you are tired of your current username on Windows 10, you can easily change it. Hopefully you have now set up your account the way you want it.

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