7 macOS Shortcuts You Should Install to Boost Your Productivity

If you feel like you’re not getting all the productivity out of your Mac, it’s probably because you haven’t tried the Shortcuts app yet. Anyone can use it to simplify complex tasks and automate repetitive actions.

However, not everyone has the time to create shortcuts. Apple knows this, which is why the Shortcuts app has a Gallery section where users can install ready-made shortcuts. In addition, you can also download shortcuts that someone else created from the Internet.

Below we list some of the best shortcuts you can install on your Mac to boost your productivity.

1. Google Translate

If you find yourself constantly referencing Google Translate for work or study, this one is for you. This shortcut from u/brechtbakker on Reddit upgrades the standard and iOS limited translators in the Gallery and gives you one-click Google Translate features.

This translation shortcut can copy text from your clipboard or prompt you to enter new text. After installing it on your Mac, you can always access and use it from the Shortcuts app.

to install: Google translate

2. Share availability

Effective availability communication is an essential part of the success of work and meetings. If this is something that has cropped up as a problem in the past, there is a Mac shortcut solution to fix it.

First, make sure you’ve set up your appointments in the Calendar app to accurately reflect your schedule. Once that’s done, you can install and run this shortcut.

This shortcut allows you to send an SMS summary of your availability through iMessage or your carrier’s SMS services. You can also save the text directly to your notes or add it as an item to the Reminders app.

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to install: Share availability

3. Start my next meeting

Another shortcut to put your Calendar app to good use is the Start My Next Meeting shortcut which scans your schedule for saved meetings in a 30-minute bracket. When it finds a meeting, it will automatically connect you to it and generate a note with the meeting details in your Notes app for reference.

If you’re using the Zoom desktop app on your Mac, the app will open automatically and connect you to the meeting. For those who don’t have Zoom installed, we have a guide that will teach you how to download and set up Zoom for Mac.

The Start My Next Meeting shortcut also recognizes meetings and appointments you add to your Calendar app via Siri. But of course, it can’t start virtual conference services unless there’s a link to one in the meeting entry in your calendar.

to install: Start my next meeting

4. Create a PDF file

As the title implies, the Create PDF shortcut speeds up your PDF creation process. While there are other ways to convert files to PDF on Mac, this one is definitely one of the fastest.

Unlike the other keyboard shortcuts, Make PDF has no prompts asking for input. Instead, this shortcut requires that you already have your input selected. You can do this by Ctrl-clicking (or right-clicking) your highlighted item and then clicking Servicesand finally selecting Create PDF from the drop-down menu.

While the actions in the shortcut suggest that this shortcut also changes images to PDF, this doesn’t seem to be the case. You might be better off doing that without the shortcut.

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to install: Create PDF

5. Automatic message

Automatic message actions in the Shortcuts app

Have you ever wanted to send a message while away from your devices? We already know about scheduled emails, but this is different. With Auto Message, you can schedule one message and send it to one person, start a conversation with several people, or send several messages to several people.

As for shortcuts, this one is one of the more complicated ones. It was created by a user on RoutineHub called Bingobucketster with credit to some other Reddit users. Auto Message has menus and prompts that guide you to follow the instructions to use the shortcut successfully.

If you follow the on-screen prompts, Auto Message will guide you through creating a new list in the Reminders app, which you can use to keep track of your automatic messages. However, the main problem with this shortcut is how to manually and accurately type the names of your recipients.

Auto Message also allows you to send messages via WhatsApp, but only if you have the desktop app installed. If you don’t have WhatsApp installed, you can read our guide on installing WhatsApp on your Mac.

The shortcut is completely free; however, the creator has put an option to donate to them on the menu.

to install: Automatic message

6. Rename files

Actions in Rename Files Shortcut on Shortcuts App

A simple gem that you can find in the shortcuts gallery is the Rename Files shortcuts. This shortcut makes it possible to batch rename files. Its features include replacing specific keywords with your input and adding a time date before or after the file name.

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However, the Rename Files shortcut does not provide a way to completely rename the items in your folder; you need to replace something or add an appendix. Therefore, this shortcut only provides a way to mark specific files.

to install: Rename files

7. Make a meeting note

Simple notes and reminders can be a bit of a hassle to keep track of. And that’s why we think the Make Meeting Note shortcut in the Shortcuts Gallery is the way to go.

This shortcut scans your notes to see if you have notes for the next appointment in your Calendar app. If nothing is found, a note will be created for you in the Notes app. You can then add some things you want to discuss before your next meeting.

to install: Make meeting note

Stay productive with these macOS shortcuts

The greatest strength that shortcuts offer, aside from automation, is their flexibility. Once you get the hang of the language or what each action does, you can tweak a few things here and there to make it more to your liking.

Your other Apple devices, such as your iPhone and iPad, can also follow you on your productivity journey, providing a more structured and planned life away from your desk.

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