6 Free Travel Diary Apps To Make A Beautiful Travel Diary

They say the trick to remembering everything you learn, think, or feel is to write it down. Traveling is all about learning, thinking and feeling, and with these free travel journal apps, you can easily keep a travel journal, embellish with photos and share with friends.

1. Find Penguins (Android, iOS): Automatically track your travels and post updates to friends

Find Penguins is a smart app that automatically tracks your movements as you travel, while your phone is in your pocket. It also updates the weather, temperature and altitude, so you can quickly get a sense of what the conditions were like that day.

All the data the app collects is presented in cool statistics and interactive maps. It’s fun to see how you’ve traveled displayed on a map as a trail and messages about the notable events. Find Penguins also updates your profile along the way, noting how many countries you’ve been to, how many trips, and so on.

Each entry in Find Penguins is called a footprint, which can contain text, images, videos, or any combination of these. The app is a bit like using social media and you can control who sees your posts. If you discover something you want to do while browsing a friend’s feed, you can add it to your “bucket list” and save it for later. If you’re traveling with someone else, you can add them to your trip to get joint updates on your stats.

to download: Search penguins for android | iOS (Free)

2. Travel facets (Web, Android, iOS): Turn your camera roll into an automatic album

Travel Facets turns all the photos you take during a trip into a well-arranged album of your travels. The app reads the geotagging location data in every photo you take with your phone, compares the date and time with weather records, and maps the path. You don’t have to lift a finger during this process.

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Once the album is ready, you can edit it to add captions or additional information. These are called waypoints, and you can even manually add non-image waypoints to jot down something worth while.

You can also skip the whole automatic album maker and create a journey manually. You get more control over each waypoint and how it represents your journey. You’ll want to use this mode if you want a robust travel journal, adding your thoughts to create a memorable journal.

Share albums with other Travel Facets users or privately so only those with the link can see your trip.

to download: Travel facets for android | iOS (Free)

3. Travel map (Web): Easiest Way to Make a Map of Your Travel Blog

Sometimes you don’t want the complexity of an app, social news feeds, auto-tagging and all that jazz. Instead, you just want to create a map where you can add points of interest to plot your route, along with photos and journal entries. TravelMap is that simple, free solution.

The simplicity of this web app is the best part. Sign up, create your mini site with a unique address and start creating your map. The map is your home page, where you add places by searching or clicking placemarks. You can always order these again.

Then add images to your map or write messages and associate them with the placemarks you’ve already mapped. The result for a viewer is a neatly organized map showing your journey, with a sidebar of images or messages to reveal more about your adventures.

The free version of TravelMap should suffice for most people, as the limitations are still quite high (like a 100-image maximum). However, the premium version removes all such restrictions if you need them. You can also use a cool Demo of TravelMap its full capabilities.

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4. jauntlet (Web, Android, iOS): Journal That Looks Like a Travel Blog Timeline

The Jauntlet web and mobile app look a little dated compared to others on this list, but the final output looks so good it deserves a recommendation. It is a mix of a travel diary and a travel blog, in which your journey is presented in a neat timeline.

When you sign up, Jauntlet will ask you to link your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts as well. This allows the app to import photos from your various profiles. When you post a new post of a city you’ve been to, add the location to plot it on a map, journal what you saw and felt, and select photos to add to the post.

The end result looks fantastic, as seen in the image above. It’s a timeline of where you’ve been, with a map on the left, the city and date at the top, and your thoughts and photos on the right. Viewers can also comment under the item. The whole thing can be played as an automatic slideshow, which takes the readers on your whole journey.

to download: Jauntlet for android | iOS (Free)

5. travel diaries (Web, Android, iOS): Create a real diary and optionally print it

Travel Diaries is a free app to design what a travel journal of your trip will look like and optionally also print it. The app is a virtual open book where you can write beautifully formatted entries.

For each page, you can apply one of 38 custom layouts, determining how text and graphics appear on the page. Select and upload images from your camera roll based on the layout and write text in the simple text editor.

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Travel Diaries isn’t the best app for on-the-fly travel journals while you’re traveling. It’s more of a place to reflect on your trip and to put together a nice travel journal that you would be proud to show to friends. If you like what you’ve made, you can pay to download a PDF of the journal or ask the app makers to print the trip report and send it directly to you.

to download: Travel diaries for android | iOS (Free)

6. Travel days (Web): Travelogue of photos with location, time and captions

Traveldays is one of the best online photo album creators to show off your travels and vacations. It’s amazingly easy to use because it takes your photos and automatically turns them into a photo tour of your travels, almost like showing postcards or Polaroids to friends.

Upload your photos in the order you want and Traveldays will search for their geotagging information to pin it to a Google Map. You can also write small captions for each image. Share the link with your friends and you’re done.

Try a physical travel diary

So which travel diary app should you go for? There is no one-size-fits-all app here. As a rule of thumb, Find Penguins, Travel Facets, and Jauntlet help you better capture your thoughts as you travel. TravelMap, Travel Diaries and Traveldays are better to make a travel diary after you get back from the trip.

But as much as we love these apps, there’s a reason to use a physical travel journal instead. Not only do many travelers swear by the small diary they carry with them, but How life unfolds provides a detailed guide on how to use a travel journal while traveling to make it more memorable than ever before.

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