5 Great Bon Manager Apps to Track Paper Bills and Online Receipts

Receipts are a necessary evil of modern life. It’s how you know your expenses, it’s how you keep track of your warranty information and it’s how you keep an eye on your budget. But no one wants to deal with the clutter of paper receipts in their wallet or purse. That’s why these receipt apps scan photos of your receipts and help you track all the information you need.

It’s important to note that several receipt management apps double as expense trackers, but you can stick with traditional receipt managers as well. The main idea here is not to manually add data about your expenses, but to have your apps automatically retrieve that data by clicking photos of receipts, analyzing your emails, or reading text messages from banks and credit cards. It should take as little effort as possible.

1. Mr Reception (Android, iOS): Best free receipt scanner and tracker

mr. Receipt, or MrReceipt, is as good as a receipt manager and tracker app can get. It has all the features you could want and performs them perfectly. And you don’t need the premium version for anything other than exporting all your data as a CSV file.

When you get a new receipt, take a picture of it with the Mr. Receipt app or upload a PDF of your saved files. The app immediately recognizes the store name, the total invoice and the date on the receipt. You can manually add additional details such as store name, expense category (groceries, food, medical, etc.), and other details such as warranty date.

With that information, Mr. It also tracks your expenses in different categories and provides a quick overview of where and what you spent on monthly breakdowns. It also reminds you of warranty end dates if you wish. It is truly one of the best receipt apps to scan, track and manage bills.

to download: mr. Receipt for android | iOS (Free)

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2. Specify (Android, iOS): Most Powerful Receive Scanner and Tracker

It’s surprising that Itemize is free, considering how powerful it is as a receipt scanner, tracker, and manager. It’s also easy to use, allowing you to take photos of receipts directly or even upload them from your gallery. We tested it working with screenshots of email receipts and Itemize passed with flying colors.

Just like mr. Receipt can recognize Itemize text from the photo and fill in the basic information you need from the receipt, such as date, payment and seller. You can then add more details if you need them. The nice thing is that Itemize also lets you sort receipts by any of these in the main dashboard itself, so you can quickly see all your receipts from Uber or all expenses on a given day.

In terms of statistics and reports, Itemize surpasses Mr. recipe. You can set up custom date ranges to get reports on your expenses during that time period or drill down into categories to find specific types of invoices.

We would Itemize over Mr. Receipt recommended, but it seems the app is no longer actively being developed. Features like importing email no longer work, and it doesn’t find a mention on Itemize’s official website. Nevertheless, it is a great app.

to download: Specify for android | iOS (Free)

3. A note (Web, Android, iOS): Get photos and find text from images

Here at MakeUseOf, we’re big fans of all that you can do with Microsoft OneNote. With the recent improvements in the OCR algorithms to read text from images, it has become our preferred recommendation as a receipt management app for lazy people.

This is how it works. First, create a folder called Receipts in Microsoft OneNote. Then take a photo of your receipt and upload it to the Receipts folder. That’s it, you’re done. You don’t need to rename the file, let alone add categories or fill in any boxes.

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This is because when you need to search for receipts later, Microsoft OneNote will read the text in the image and return the correct results. Let’s face it, many times you just scan and save receipts in case you ever need them and not to actually track your expenses. That’s the scenario where OneNote excels.

to download: Microsoft OneNote for android | iOS (Free)

4. Receive my receipts (Gmail): Turn receipts in Gmail into organized spreadsheets

Many receipts are digital, not paper, and arrive directly in our inbox. It is typical for online shopping, taxi rides, restaurant delivery and other expenses. But you can’t really take a picture of it with an app. That’s when you need Get My Receipts to sort the email receipts for you.

In Gmail, you can choose to run the app in your entire inbox or on a particular label you’ve created. The label will probably be a better option for sorting by costs that matter, such as costs you can claim on taxes or costs your company reimburses you.

After selecting the emails, click the Get My Receipts button to run it. It will take you about five minutes and you will then email you the completed copy of a spreadsheet. The spreadsheet is amazingly organized, with columns for date, merchant, order number, payment, tax, from, to, subject, email text, and a PDF copy of the whole thing saved for posterity.

The free version of Get My Receipts limits you to 50 emails per month, so we recommend sorting them by labels that are important to you. But you can pay to unlock unlimited emails and receipts.

to download: Receive my receipts from CloudHQ for Chrome (Free)

5. Bon Runner (Windows, macOS, Linux): Manage Email Receipts and Bank Transactions

Receipt Runner is a much more powerful program than Get My Receipts. It has a free basic version with very limited options to see how it works, but you have to pay for at least the basic $10 a month account before it is of any use. But take a look at the app and you may be convinced it’s worth it.

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After installing Receipt Runner, you need to connect it to your email so that it can analyze your inbox for receipts from online purchases. In addition, you also need to upload a bank statement from your hard drive or connect it to your bank account so that it can analyze your banking transaction history to match it with receipts. Keep in mind that all data is stored locally on your computer and nothing is transferred online – an important privacy and security step when dealing with financial matters.

Once everything is set up, Receipt Runner is a dream to use. You can easily search for receipts, add periods to see a transaction list, and find virtually any digital payment you’ve made. Each entry lists the seller, date, amount and includes a PDF of the email receipt. You can also export all of this data as a series of PDFs or by email.

to download: Bon Runner for Windows | macOS | Linux (Paid)

Organize now, save time later

Receipts seem like insignificant little scraps of paper that you can throw away, but then later a situation arises where they become vital. With a phone always in your pocket, there’s no reason not to snap a photo of a receipt before throwing it away and save it in one of these apps.

But after saving, it is advisable to revisit these apps regularly and organize these receipts. Make a part of your regular financial planning exercises when you make sure all your paperwork is in order so you don’t have to find a receipt at the last minute.

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