5 Fun Tricks You Can Do in Command Prompt

Command Prompt has nearly endless possibilities, and it’s doubtful that many know the full extent of what a few lines of code can accomplish. Whether you’re a Command Prompt expert or just like to show off, here are 5 fun or interesting things to see in Command Prompt right now.

1. Customize your look

You may already know this one, as it can be a great tool to play around with for accessibility purposes. Command Prompt is fully customizable, from background and text color, font, opacity and more.

Right click on the Command Prompt Icon in the top left corner. From the screen. Select from here properties.

Font style, Layout and Colors have more direct options, such as changing text size and colors. go to Terminal to change some elements of the text cursor.

You can create some pretty ridiculous command prompts this way, or further refine the window to your exact needs. The features are so extensive that it might be worth checking out a deeper guide on customizing Command Prompt if this is something that interests you.

2. Watch Star Wars at Command Prompt

This one has the potential to lead to a lot of fun, and even some prying eyes from anyone who might not be familiar with how the Command Prompt works.

To watch Star Wars at Command Prompt (and for another item on this list), you’ll need to enable a service called Telnet.

In Windows 10 or 11, press Win + Qtype in telnetand then select Enable or disable Windows features. Scroll down to the Telnet client input, check the box and click OKAY. Then you can close this window.

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Now, here’s the fun part. Execute the following commands and press Enter after each:

  1. telnet telehack.com
  2. star wars

Sit back and enjoy a bizarre recreation of Star Wars!

3. More Telnet Fun: Command Prompt Aquarium

You may have noticed other cool options while running the telnet telehack.com order.

There are a few more cool things the Command Prompt can do over this connection, though, and it’s definitely worth playing around with.

Most notable besides Star Wars ASCII recreation is the aquarium order.

Enter this command instead of star wars from the previous section to be treated to an ASCII aquarium so beautiful, it might as well be your screensaver.

4. Change the window title

Let’s step away from the craziness of ASCII recreations and look at something more mellow.

With the command titlefollowed by a word or phrase, you can change the window header for the Command Prompt.

It’s relatively useless outside of organizing multiple command prompts, but it’s a nice detail to keep in mind.

5. Track where your data goes

This one is as fun as it is interesting, and it has legitimate uses for networking and troubleshooting.

The order tracertfollowed by an IP or website address, shows a list showing where your connection is bouncing on its way to the desired address.

This can be incredibly enlightening, if not just fascinating, to see all the stops your connection makes on the way to its destination.

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Most home internet settings should take you through several addresses associated with your ISP, and who knows beyond that? Each website takes your data on a different journey, depending on your website and what you connect to.

Consider reading more about tracert, or Tracerouteas it can also be helpful in network troubleshooting.

Fun with Command Prompt

Despite being one of the simplest looking interfaces imaginable, a user can still have fun with Command Prompt very easily. The items listed here don’t even scratch the surface of the hacks and tricks you can perform with the command prompt.

Anyway, fun is important, and if you can find it in the most unlikely of places, why not?

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