10 Yoga Apps That Let You Work Out Anywhere

If you’re one of the millions of people around the world who practice yoga, you can probably take advantage of a handy yoga app. While you can do yoga indoors in front of a laptop, sometimes it’s nice to switch up your routine and take your yoga practice elsewhere.

With a yoga app on your phone, you can practice your favorite yoga poses anywhere. Here are several yoga apps to consider if you need help finding a yoga app that’s right for you.

1. Asana Rebel

The biggest part of the Asana Rebel mobile app is its sheer number of personalization features. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, the app puts together a daily yoga workout plan based on your specifications. To stay motivated during your yoga class, you can listen to the music of Asana Rebel or listen to your favorite music via another app at the same time.

In addition, there are a few other features that you can discover in the app, including various challenges, sleep sounds, meditation collections, and deliciously nutritious recipes. For those who are yoga beginners, the introductory program can help you learn and perform basic yoga poses.

to download: Asana Rebel for iOS | android (Free, subscription available)

2. The lower abdomen

Suitable for people of all shapes and sizes and experience levels, The Underbelly is a yoga app that is suitable for everyone. However, what really sets the app apart from the others is its instructor, Jessamyn Stanley. Her approach is slow and encouraging with explanations and adjustments for each yoga movement.

The design of the Underbelly app suits her teaching style as it is well organized, easy to use and offers many different teaching options to choose from. Browse The Underbelly’s various yoga series to find one you like, then download it, save it to your favorites list, or share it with others online.

to download: The abdomen in front iOS | android (Free, subscription available)

3. Fitify Yoga

Whether your goal is to stay healthy, increase your flexibility, strengthen your muscles, lose weight, or improve your mood, Fitify Yoga is the yoga app for you. Each training session has six levels of difficulty, so the app is suitable for all yoga enthusiasts, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced.

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Tap a workout to view and adjust the duration, difficulty, voice, and music. You can even preview the training before starting to decide if the lesson is right for your skill level. In addition, Fitify Yoga offers a handful of unique yoga classes, such as yoga exercises to keep you fit at your desk or to help you fall asleep.

to download: Fitify Yoga for android (Free, subscription available)

4. Daily Yoga

Whether you want to immerse yourself in a 5-minute workout or a 45-minute workout, Daily Yoga has the options for you. The best feature of Daily Yoga is its collection of HD videos with step-by-step instructions. In addition to this engaging feature, Daily Yoga can help you stay motivated by connecting with others through the app’s global community.

A signature feature of Daily Yoga is that it focuses more on weight loss than some of the other yoga apps mentioned here. As such, you can choose from a variety of workout intensities (ranging from casual to intense). As you progress on your weight loss journey, you can engage in more intense workouts. You can also focus on your abs, chest, back and other “problem areas” that many of us have so you get a workout in the areas where you need it most.

Also, if you are someone who struggles to find new yoga poses, this might be a good app for you to consider as it has over 400 yoga poses as well as a live voice guide so you can make sure you’re doing the poses again. perform correctly.

to download: Daily yoga for iOS | android (Free plan available)

5. Yoga studio

Yoga Studio’s library contains over 280 poses. The app also provides beautiful HD videos to accompany 65 unique yoga classes and meditation practices.

The coolest thing about this app is that it also gives you the option to create your own HD lessons from its library of clips using video stitch technology. This means you can tailor a yoga class to your needs, choosing different poses ordered in any way you like. The “smart-link” function ensures that your class runs smoothly. Then you have the option to share your custom yoga classes with friends.

Another easy-to-use feature is music playback: the music from this app will continue to play even if your phone goes to the lock screen. This means no more abrupt breaks in your meditative flow and no more constantly tapping your phone’s screen to keep it from locking.

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to download: Yoga studio for iOS | android (Free, subscription available)

6. 5 minutes of yoga

The best thing about 5 Minute Yoga is its focus on brevity. The most common excuse people use to describe why they don’t exercise is that they don’t have enough time. Sessions never last more than five minutes with this app, but they are focused on helping users get every pose just right.

Each pose has clear pictures and detailed instructions on how to do it correctly. If you’re only going to be doing yoga for five minutes, you want to make sure you maximize your benefits. 5 Minute Yoga helps you do just that, and can make it easier for you to go from a novice yogi to an intermediate yogi.

to download: 5 Minutes Yoga for iOS | android (Free, subscription available)

7. Follow Yoga

Simple, yet effective, the Track Yoga app is all you need to kickstart your yoga journey. The classes allow you to try out different yoga styles before deciding which one is your favorite. Some of the yoga types available in the app are Hatha, Vinyasa and Ashtanga.

The Track Yoga app offers a variety of yoga classes aimed at relieving back pain, menstrual pain, or even cold and flu symptoms. In addition, Track Yoga allows you to make yoga a part of your daily life by setting goals and reminders for yourself to ensure that you achieve those goals.

to download: follow yoga for iOS | android (Free, subscription available)

8. Yoga for Beginners

Learning the correct yoga poses is an essential part of a good yoga practice, especially for newbies. The Yoga for Beginners app is exactly what it seems: a perfect yoga app for beginners! This app will hold your hand as you build your yoga skills so you can easily track your progress, set reminders, and sync with Google Fit.

With Yoga for Beginners, you can even customize your workout plan by adjusting the rest time, changing the workout sequence, or substituting certain moves. Overall, regardless of your skill level or body size, you will appreciate how simple and easy to use the app is.

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to download: Yoga for beginners for iOS | android (Free, subscription available)

9. Yoga for Beginners | mind body

Yoga from 7M is almost like having a little yoga teacher in your pocket. Unlike some other apps, this one is extremely simple and skips all the unnecessary features that can overwhelm or intimidate beginners. Choose from a variety of yoga sessions lasting no more than a few minutes and tap Get started to start.

Before you start, you can see the total duration and calories burned for each yoga session. If you’re not sure about a new pose, tap it to easily watch an instructional video or read through the detailed instructions. And while the Yoga by 7M app is perfect for beginners, it also works well for intermediate level learners.

to download: Yoga for beginners | Mind and body for iOS | android (Free, subscription available)

10. Yoga for Kids and Family

Yoga is beneficial not only for adults, but also for children. In addition to being a fun way to keep fit, regular yoga sessions may help kids focus and improve relaxation.

Created with kids in mind, the Yoga for Kids and Family app offers basic yoga workouts that the whole family can do together. The app is packed with adorable visuals for over 80 different yoga poses, ranging in difficulty from easy to hard. In addition, this great exercise app for kids offers fun double yoga poses and animal yoga poses for those who want to channel their inner dolphin or frog.

to download: Yoga for kids and family for iOS ($2.99) | android (Free, in-app purchases available)

The best yoga apps to help you find your flow

Whether you are old or young, you should consider doing yoga regularly. For some, yoga is a way to escape their stressful lives; for others, it’s a way to increase strength and flexibility. Whatever your goals, yoga apps are the best way to take your skills to the next level. Now that you’ve reviewed and considered this rich variety of yoga apps, which one best suits your needs?

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