10 Useful Instagram Accounts for Aspiring Freelancers

Are you self-employed and looking for advice or inspiration? Freelancing is both fun and difficult, especially if you’re just starting out or pursuing your passion relentlessly. Fortunately, many successful creators have shared content on Instagram to help freelancers who need a quick pick-me-up or practical advice to chew on.

From personal stories to helpful tips and motivational quotes, relevant Instagram posts can give your freelance career an extra boost. Here are some of the best Instagram accounts to follow as a freelancer.

Daniella, the Side Hustle Queen, is happy to share free tips and resources for freelancers and remote workers. Follow her IG for your daily dose of answers to freelancers’ most pressing questions, like the best places to find freelance work, what outside skills to discover, and how to detox from company culture. Don’t forget to click the link to her blog to access her free resource journal, which contains a lot of information about the online gig economy.

If you are a woman who wants to be part of an empowering and creative community of freelancers, follow freelancingfemales. You will be one of the first to receive news about them subsidy program, which awards 2,000 grants to women-owned businesses and female freelancers and solopreneurs. The site also offers virtual events, fun contests, and inspirational quotes to help you get busy as well as relax.

3. For digital nomads on a budget: nomadicmatt

Freelancers who like to go places but are on a budget should follow Matt Kepnes. Besides posting funny travel memes, he also shares solo travel tips and recounts his adventures on Instagram.

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Matt is an accomplished budget traveler and New York Times bestselling author. He runs his travel website, where he offers a Superstar Blogging training program for writers. He also created the IG community the.nomadic.networkwhich organizes group trips, meet-ups and other events.

Ashley is a business owner who lives the dream of working while traveling the world full time. She went from hating her nine-to-five job to building a seven-figure business in less than three years.

If this sounds like your ultimate life goal, then join Ash’s IG, a visual feast for budding digital nomads. Her feed is full of travel snaps and insightful posts about finding motivation, living your best life and how travel helps entrepreneurs. Don’t forget the essential tech essentials to take with you on a business trip if you’re going to travel the world like Ashley!

5. For Content Creators: sun.yi

Marketing your brand isn’t easy, but Sun Yi’s Instagram feed gives you valuable snippets of how it’s done. The founder of award-winning digital brand agency Night Owls, Sun Yi, shares his unique take on content marketing, personal branding and following your passion.

Sun Yi doesn’t give your usual content marketing advice, which inspires you to create compelling stories that captivate your audience. If you want to learn today how to better profile yourself and help build brands, such as Seiko, Jay Shettyand Spotifygive Sun Yi a sequel.

6. For Remote Working Newbies: itatravelod

Thinking about how to land your first external gig? Then follow Andrea Valeria. Andrea started out as a news reporter before transitioning to travel vlogging. Now she makes remote work possible for others by sharing helpful tips on getting a remote job with no work experience.

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Her Instagram account provides relevant advice on how to start looking for a job, how to avoid being scammed, outside companies to work for and the benefits of having a remote job.

7. For Young Freelancers: pack light

Age is no barrier to freelancing, as Gabby Beckford has proven. The young freelancer embarked on her first solo journey at age 17 and quit her engineering job at age 23 so that she could pursue a lucrative side job and create content.

She has since become a TEDx speaker, author of a Go Remote Guide ebook for digital nomad wannabes, and wrote about her experiences on platforms such as CNBC, lonely planetand LinkedIn. Her Instagram features travel snaps, itineraries and paid travel options.

Zach King is a must-follow if you want to see how creativity, imagination and out-of-the-box ideas result in entertaining and viral social media content. He first caused a stir with his “digital magic tricks” when the social network and video hosting platform Vine was still alive and popular.

Since then, he has gone on to attract a huge following TikTok and continues to show his “magic tricks” to millions of followers on Instagram.

9. For Freelancing Moms: micala.quinn

It’s certainly not easy being a work-at-home mom, but Micala Quinn is here to help. With practical WFH advice, Micala shows freelance moms that it’s possible to run a thriving business without sacrificing the joys of parenthood.

If you’ve also wondered how to be more efficient and productive while working from home, how to create an Instagram story with a baby in tow, and why freelancing is the best perk for busy moms, follow Micala.

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10. For Freelance Creatives: homsweethom

Freelancers who need a boost in their creative careers and want to learn how to go from freelancer to entrepreneur should not miss Lauren Hom. The graphic designer started a handwritten passion project just for fun, which quickly grew into a profitable business.

Scroll through her Instagram account and you’ll see her freelance business tips, online graphic design courses, videos on craft projects, and plans to add the culinary arts to her portfolio.

Follow your freelance inspiration on Instagram

Freelancing can be one of the hardest jobs when you do it unsupervised. Fortunately, there are many Instagram creators who take the time to help you build your freelance career.

If you are a freelancer wondering how to build a successful freelance business, try exploring these Instagram accounts and getting the best ideas. You never know; the next post you read might just be the motivation you need for the day.

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