10 Tips to Have Secret Text Conversations on Your iPhone

Apple has a hidden album that allows you to hide photos, but so far it hasn’t created a specific folder where you can hide messages on your iPhone. However, you can take advantage of several simple yet effective ways to hide text messages on your iPhone.

So read on below as we’ll look at how to hide messages on your iPhone so other people don’t know who you’re texting and what you guys are talking about.

While there are many ways to hide personal content on your iPhone, sometimes the easiest way is to just trick the curious people who want to know who is constantly texting you, especially if you live in a place where everyone seems to know each other.

So just rename your contact. For example, change “Michael” to “Alex”, and everyone else will be none the wiser when a message from “Alex” arrives on your iPhone.

To change your contact’s name, go to Phone > Contacts and tap your contact. Tap editand then key in a new name in the First name and Last name fields. Tap Done save.

2. Turn off message previews

If you hand your iPhone over to someone else, any notification banner that pops up immediately reveals the contents of incoming messages. Your lock screen also shows them, which is disturbing when you leave your phone charging and go elsewhere.

You can turn off Message Previews to hide these text messages on your iPhone. This way, the notifications will only show your contact’s name and words like Text message.

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Go to Settings > Notifications. Select your messaging app from the list. Then tap Show Previews > Never. No more worrying about someone peeking at your iPhone’s lock screen.

3. Hide Alerts for Specific SMS Threads

When you’re engrossed in a text conversation with another person, the unusually frequent message notifications are likely to pique your friends’ curiosity. You can hide alerts from that particular contact so others don’t know you’re on a long back and forth conversation all day.

Go to Messages, select your texting thread and tap your contact’s name. Switch on Hide warnings, and you are ready to go.

4. Use iMessage’s Invisible Ink

iMessage allows you to send messages between Apple devices over an Internet connection. And Invisible Ink is an iMessage effect that you can add to your conversations. It turns your text into blurry particles that only appear temporarily (about five seconds) when you tap it.

Invisible Ink is an excellent way to hide text messages on your iPhone without deleting them. No one will be able to look over your shoulder and see what your ongoing conversation is about.

To apply Invisible Ink, type your message and long press the blue Send icon. Tap the gray dot next to Invisible Ink. Then press the Send icon.

5. Lock third-party messaging apps with Face ID or Touch ID

Maybe you’re an iMessage user and rely on third-party apps like WhatsApp and Messenger to keep in touch with your friends and family. In these cases, you can easily lock these third-party apps with Face ID or Touch ID and hide the messages on your iPhone.

First, you need to set up Face ID or Touch ID on your iPhone if you haven’t already. Then you need to enable the Face ID or Touch ID lock for that particular app. Let’s use WhatsApp as our example. Go to WhatsApp > Settings > Account > Privacy > Screen Lock. Switch on Require Face ID.

Finally, go to your iPhone Settings app. Tap Face ID & Passcode > Other Apps. Switch on whatsapp.

6. Use Screen Time to lock the Messages app with a passcode

At this time, you can’t use Face ID or Touch ID to lock built-in Apple apps like Messages. A workaround is to use your Screen Time passcode instead.

If this is your first time using Screen Time, go to Settings > Screen Time > Enable Screen Time. Follow the on-screen instructions to set it up. Then tap Use the Screen Time passcode to enable the passcode. This Screen Time passcode is unique from the passcode used to unlock your iPhone.

To lock the Messages app now, go to App Limits > Add Limit > Social. Select from the list Messages. Touch Next one, scroll to set 1 minand tap To add. Your Messages app now locks with your Screen Time passcode after one minute of use every day.

7. Use Disappearing Messages in Supported Apps

Disappearing (or self-destructing) messages are texts that are erased by the app after a certain amount of time, usually 24 hours. As long as you and the recipient have agreed not to take screenshots, this method of hiding messages on your iPhone works by removing all evidence of the conversation.

Again, let’s use WhatsApp as an example as it supports this feature. Go to whatsapp and tap a chat. In the chat window, tap your contact’s name and select Disappearing messages. You can then choose how long you want to keep the messages: 24 hours, 7 daysor 90 to dawn.

If you want your messages to be gone as soon as you close the chat, you can try Vanish mode on Facebook Messenger.

Who says you can only text people in designated messaging apps? Relive the days of passing notes in class by messaging your friends using the iPhone’s stock Notes app.

It’s an unobtrusive way to hide text messages on your iPhone because people don’t immediately think that someone will have an active conversation in a note-taking app.

So go to Comments:, type your message in a new note and easily share the note with your contact. You can follow a similar method in other third-party note-taking apps of your choice.

9. Take a screenshot of your message and lock it in a note

One downside to sharing a note from your iPhone’s Notes app is that you can’t lock the note with a password.

If having a password is your priority, you can choose to take a screenshot of the conversation. Then go to the Comments: app, create a new note and tap the Camera icon from the menu. Select Choose Photo or Video to add your screenshot and insert it into the note. Then delete the original text message.

Now you can lock the note on your iPhone with a passcode. You can even use Face ID or Touch ID for added security.

10. Use Private Messaging Apps

Our final tip: Use third-party apps specifically designed for private conversations. Confide is a popular app that has confidentiality built into its features. You can hide messages behind gray blocks and have the text automatically deleted as you read them.

What is most impressive is the patented technology to prevent people from taking screenshots of messages. If someone tries to take a screenshot or screen recording, the app will delete the conversation and notify the other user.

to download: entrust (Free, subscription available)

Hide messages on your iPhone to keep your privacy

While you can’t completely hide your iPhone messages without deleting them, there are still many ways to hide text messages on your iPhone to keep personal matters private.

So, feel free to apply these tips as you see fit to add an extra layer of security to your chat conversations, whether you’re using iMessage or a third-party messaging app like WhatsApp or Telegram.

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