10 reasons why you should buy a robot vacuum cleaner

Robot vacuums are hugely popular smart home appliances, and for good reason. Instead of slaving over the vacuum to keep your house clean, the robot assistant can get dirty and do the job for you.

Here are some reasons why you should buy a robotic vacuum cleaner for your home.

1. They can clean both carpet and hard surfaces

When you think of the word vacuum, you automatically think of carpet. But that is not the case with a robot vacuum cleaner. No matter what surfaces you have in your home, including hardwood or tile, the robot vacuum can make short work of dirt, dust and more.

Many models automatically detect the type of surface in your home and change the way they are cleaned. For example, when carpet is detected, the suction power increases. When returning to a hard surface, the suction power will go to a lower setting. A popular feature on many models is the ability to increase suction when a particularly messy area is detected.

Before you make a purchase, there are some additional things you need to know before buying a robot vacuum cleaner.

2. No need to worry about charging

Like any modern electronic device, a robotic vacuum cleaner is powered by an internal rechargeable battery. But you don’t have to worry about having to recharge an empty vacuum battery. After cleaning your house is complete, a robot vacuum cleaner automatically returns to the charging station so that it is pumped up and ready to use the next time.

And in larger homes, many models return to the charging dock halfway through a cycle to charge before being cleaned.

3. Many can do more than just vacuum

Robot vacuum cleaners keep getting better with new and better technology. And that means many models can do more than just remove dirt and debris from your floor. A new breed brings together both a vacuum cleaner and a mop in one device.

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So in addition to vacuuming your floors, the combination models can also be used as a mop to clean stuck-on dirt, food and anything else you can think of with a built-in mopping pad. With most models, you add water or a cleaning solution. While they tend to be more expensive than a vacuum cleaner, it’s something to consider if your home only has hard floors.

4. Available in a wide range of price ranges

When they first hit the market, robot vacuums weren’t exactly a budget-conscious purchase. But times have changed. Whatever your budget, there is always a robot vacuum available for you.

You can easily find basic models starting around $200. And expect to pay around $1,000 or more for more advanced robot vacuums or combination models. Of course, the more expensive models will have extra features, but even the basic models will get the cleaning job done. And a cheaper model is a perfect way to get your feet wet and see if the technology is for you.

5. You can automate a cleaning schedule

If you buy a robot vacuum, it will likely have built-in Wi-Fi so you can connect it to your home wireless network. That opens up a wide range of functions using the vacuum cleaner’s companion app. One of the best is the ability to create an automated cleaning schedule.

Would you rather not be at home when the vacuum cleaner is doing its dirty work? That’s no problem. Set a schedule to clean a single room or the entire house during the week so you can come home to clean floors. And when it’s the weekend, you can let the robot take a day off so you can enjoy the quiet house.

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For more advanced models, you can set a cleaning schedule along with more advanced features such as a suction power. For example, you can choose to have the kitchen cleaned twice on Monday with the greatest possible cleaning power.

6. Can be used with a smart home system such as Amazon Alexa

Built-in Wi-Fi makes most robot vacuums a great addition to any smart home. A big part of a smart home is a virtual assistant like Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri or Google Assistant. And you can easily add a robot vacuum to communicate with your smart home hub.

For example, with a compatible vacuum cleaner, you can tell Alexa to start or stop a robot vacuum, clean a specific area, and much more. You don’t even have to be at home to use the Alexa app or the virtual assistant integrated into many cars.

7. Perfect to fight pet hair

Anyone with a pet in the house knows the constant battle against hair and fur everywhere, especially on the floor. That’s where a robotic vacuum cleaner can help. While they aren’t perfect, they can easily take a big bite out of your pet hair problem. And many robot vacuums have specific modes and functions specifically for pet hair.

8. Sensors on some models can help avoid obstacles such as cords

Older robot vacuums struggled to get caught on cords, clothes, or other obstacles we all have on our floors. But that is no longer the case with many models. Whether it’s a camera or other sensors, some vacuum cleaners can automatically move around obstacles and keep working.

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9. Set Boundaries Where a Robotic Vacuum Won’t Go

Like obstacles on the floor, there are probably places in your home that you don’t want a robot vacuum to reach, whether it’s a baby’s room or near a pet food and water bowl. But you don’t have to worry about the robot making a mess or waking a baby.

With the help of an accompanying app you can set areas where the robot vacuum cleaner does not go. Even if your vacuum doesn’t have an app, most have the ability to create virtual walls with a small sensor or something else you can place near the no-go area.

10. Some models offer a cleaning station

The big advantage of a robot vacuum cleaner is the ability to keep your house clean without dust and more. But on older models, when the dust container was full, you had to manually empty it into the trash. Not exactly a good situation for someone with allergies.

That has changed with many newer models. Instead of worrying about emptying the dust container, the vacuum cleaner automatically empties into a cleaning station with a bag similar to a traditional vacuum cleaner. And when it’s full, after many cleaning cycles, you can just lift it out of the dock and throw it in the trash.

If that piques your interest, check out some of the best self-emptying robot vacuums.

Use a robot vacuum cleaner to keep your house clean

Robot vacuum cleaners have come a long way in nearly two decades of their existence.

While there are still some limitations, the technology can keep floors clean without you having to lift a finger.

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